2 nights at Meet Mendel and free Brnopas

6 pokojů

2 nights

2 nights at Meet Mendel and free Brnopas

6 apartmánů

Coffee, tea, free Netflix

Veletržní 5, Brno-Staré Brno

1800 m from the center

What does the package contain?

BRNOPAS worth approx.
CZK 500

Zážitkový program
v Brně plný benefitů

na 2 noci

Enhance your sightseeing by grabbing it at a reduced price!

For a stay of 2 or 3 nights in your preferred apartment or room, we will include BRNOPAS tourist cards, valued at approximately CZK 500, as part of your booking for the stay package.
These cards grant you access to the most captivating sites in Brno at a reduced cost or even for free, including attractions like the Brno Zoo, the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, and the Constance St. Jakub, the second-largest ossuary in Europe. Just book your package at least a week before your arrival.

We will procure BRNOPAS for you and your companions going to Brno. Please let us know if the group consists of adults, children, or a combination of both.

Experience Brno like a true local

We've created a specially curated experience program of the finest attractions Brno has to offer. This program is packed with discounts and perks that can be utilized at various Brno establishments and points of interest.

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What does Meet Mendel offer?

In the six rooms across the three apartments at Meet Mendel, you will get to know one of Brno's most noteworthy personalities . You'll spot it nestled between the iconic exhibition center in this area and the recently refurbished Mendl Square, complete with a brewery, artistic attractions, and a delightful open-air café.

Every apartment is equipped with its own kitchen, featuring a glass-enclosed balcony, and a bathroom serving all rooms. We have fully equipped the kitchen, enabling you to reside here comfortably. Each room is furnished with a double bed, a TV offering a Netflix subscription, and free Wi-Fi.


From Meet Mendel, you can reach the city center, particularly náměstí Svobody, with a 30-minute walk, or cut that time in half by taking the tram. Should you choose to stroll along this route, you'll encounter numerous captivating buildings, shops, and establishments well worth a visit. We especially recommend Pekařská Street.


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